Homestead Realty Group

Homestead Humor

    From time to time even in the best of circumstances, situations arise that are worth a chuckle. These are in random order and any names revealed are fictitious to protect the humorous.

Homestead Humor #1

Match the height of your buyer to the property being shown.


Homestead Humor # 2

The e-mail you donít want to get a week before closing.

"The police just left the condo. Please call me when you have a moment"


Homestead Humor #3

So you are saying these squirrels fly and they have landed and taken up residence in the house we are about to purchase. Are they paying rent ?


Homestead Humor #4

Apparently not only do you get the house and land, but the present owner is included. Interesting marketing idea.

Homestead Humor 5

So how many have realized when you are selling one home and moving into the new mansion within a day that certain pets may have been overlooked.